Specific Plan

The Liberty Groves Specific Plan will provide for systematic implementation of the Liberty Groves Area Plan and will function as the zoning document for the Liberty Groves project by providing land use regulations and development standards for new development. In addition, the Specific Plan will ensure that the area develops in a comprehensive and coordinated fashion with adequate consideration of infrastructure, services, public safety, site and resource management, and project financing.

The Liberty Groves Specific Plan will meet the requirements of the California Government Code Section 65450 et seq. and the Madera County General Plan.

Liberty Groves is envisioned as a self-sustaining, master-planned community that is responsive to the key challenges facing land planning and real estate development today: including climate change, shifts in demographics, efficient and responsible infrastructure, water availability, economic sustainability and market volatility. Liberty Groves must create a unique and special place that provides a logical and harmonious expansion of the Madera Ranchos community.

The overarching objectives for the Specific Plan area are to:

  • Promote development of a sustainable community.
  • Create diverse neighborhoods that contain a mix of uses and housing types, accommodating a wide variety of people and activities.
  • Create vibrant, walkable neighborhoods with definable centers, edges and connections.
  • Incorporate networks of green space, streets and trails into the neighborhoods, allowing multiple types of circulation and providing a range of recreational opportunities.
  • Create "people places," to foster community interaction.