Land Use Plan

The Liberty Groves project is a proposed 1,320-acre master-planned, mixed-use community. Liberty Groves proposes a diverse mixture of residential, commercial, office/light industrial, recreational, and other necessary services and community amenities. In Liberty Groves, development will be organized into neighborhoods and will provide convenient access to housing, shops, work places, schools, parks, and public facilities essential to the daily life of residents and visitors.

The Liberty Groves project will provide a full array of housing, shopping, and recreational uses for residents and the surrounding community. The project includes two employment centers that will accommodate a variety of uses in a business park setting, including office, secondary commercial, and light industrial uses. These employment centers will help ensure a jobs-housing balance in the community by providing a nearby employment base for the Liberty Groves master-planned community and the residents of the Madera Ranchos. These employment centers will provide job opportunities in close proximity to the community it serves, rather than relying upon job centers in the City of Madera or City of Fresno.

To address the possibility of a bypass, two alternative Land Use Plans are presented. The Land Use Plans have been designed to minimize differences and maintain as much consistency as possible in the allocation of land uses. There are only slight differences in the Open Space land uses and Roads for the southern portion of Liberty Groves. For a more detailed description of each land use district click on this link.

Land Use Alternative 1


Land Use Alternative 2 (With Bypass)