About the Project

Overview_1The Liberty Groves project is a proposed 1,320-acre master-planned, mixed-use community. Liberty Groves proposes a diverse mixture of residential, commercial, office/light industrial, recreational, and other necessary services and community amenities. In Liberty Groves, development will be organized into neighborhoods and will provide convenient access to housing, shops, work places, schools, parks, and public facilities essential to the daily life of residents and visitors.


The project site is located just west of Liberty High School along Avenue 12 and abuts existing development within the Madera Ranchos community in Madera County.



The project includes a request for the following:

  • General Plan Amendment (Liberty Groves Area Plan);
  • Specific Plan, including Zoning (Liberty Groves Specific Plan);
  • Infrastructure Master Plan; and
  • Development Agreement.

The County of Madera will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to address the potential impacts of the proposed project.

General Plan Amendment (Liberty Groves Area Plan) - The Liberty Groves Area Plan will establish the vision, goals, and policy framework for the project.

Specific Plan, including Zoning (Liberty Groves Specific Plan) - The Liberty Groves Specific Plan will implement the goals and polices of the Madera County General Plan and the Liberty Groves Area Plan through more detailed, site specific use and development standards.

Infrastructure Master Plan - The Infrastructure Master Plan will define and coordinate all public infrastructure and its construction, financing and operation, public services, and governance for the entire 1,320-acre Liberty Groves project area.

Development Agreement - A Development Agreement will provide the developer and the County with long-term assurances of land use and will allow for flexibility in the timing of development. The Development Agreement will also incorporate the Infrastructure Master Plan including its governance, infrastructure financing, and public service delivery provisions described above.


  • Create a unique and special place based on responsible land planning practices and good stewardship, and
  • Provide a logical and harmonious expansion of the Madera Ranchos community.

Guiding Principles

To achieve its vision, the Liberty Groves project will be guided by the following principles which will ensure that future development is sustainable, well-integrated, and carefully planned:

  • Liberty Groves shall be integrated with the surrounding Madera Ranchos community by providing compatible land uses, addressing traffic and circulation issues, and by providing places and services that can be enjoyed by the larger community.
  • Liberty Groves shall provide a broad mix of land uses to address the complete needs of a community including housing, employment, education, shopping, and recreation.
  • Liberty Groves shall place an emphasis on ensuring a jobs-housing balance by providing employment centers easily accessible to Liberty Groves and the surrounding community.
  • Liberty Groves shall be phased to preserve agriculture and provide appropriate buffers from adjacent agricultural lands.
  • Liberty Groves shall create neighborhoods that have distinct identities, are pedestrian-friendly, provide a variety of housing opportunities, and are oriented toward neighborhood parks and/or activity centers.
  • Liberty Groves shall organize neighborhoods and activity centers in a pattern which reduces the number and length of automobile trips, promotes travel by foot and bicycle, and provides connections for potential future transit routes.
  • Liberty Groves shall provide a comprehensive and actively-managed water resources plan that ensures an adequate and reliable supply of water to meet the project's demands, without negatively impacting the aquifer.
  • Liberty Groves shall provide a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility which shall make full use of available recycled wastewater effluent for irrigation of public open spaces, street landscaping and private yards, the the full extent that such water is available.
  • Liberty Groves shall provide for the community's public services needs including high-quality schools, libraries, parks, and emergency services.

Development Summary

  • 1,320 acre project area
  • 7,012 residential units
  • 3,378,496 square feet non-residential uses
  • Community Center and Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • 107 acres of open space and parks; and
  • Elementary schools

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