The project will be organized into four unique and identifiable neighborhoods and two business parks/employment centers. The neighborhoods will be unified through the street and open space networks and community theming. The residential neighborhoods will be connected to the activity nodes within Liberty Groves while also being strongly connected to the Madera Ranchos community. The Mixed-Use Community Core will function as the central activity center. It will be more regionally-oriented while mixed-use neighborhood centers located within the residential neighborhoods will provide the development with smaller scale activity centers that are more neighborhood-oriented.

Neighborhood Plan



The connection to these centers from Liberty Groves and the Madera Ranchos will be facilitated by the street network and trails. The business park/employment centers will also be strongly connected to the neighborhoods through the street network and trails system and will provide the opportunity for jobs in the immediate area. Liberty Groves strives to create genuine residential neighborhoods, not just subdivisions. It is important for these neighborhoods to provide a range of housing choices for people of varying economic groups and backgrounds to live and work together. To help facilitate this, the project provides residential neighborhoods that provide a mix of densities and housing options. Higher density areas are genrally concentrated closer to the mixed-use centers, moving to lower densities as you move outward from the centers. Additionally, schools and parks have been strateically located to ensure they are within convenient walking distainces for the majority of the residents and students that they will serve. They have also been located to provide focal points and a sense of identity within the neighborhoods.



distinct-villagesGrove trees will be used in landscaping along streets, at major neighborhood entrances, and in parks and open space areas to create a unifying theme within each neighborhood. Grove trees generally define a variety of tree species including, but not limited to, pistachio and orange trees. Grove trees emphasize the agricultural heritage of Liberty Groves and create a unifying identity that works in concert with the surrounding area. Water features will also serve as a unifying theme throughout the entire community. Entrances and open spaces within the various neighborhoods will be enhanced through the use of water features which could include fountains, ponds, and brooks.