The Liberty Groves Circulation Plan provides roadway sections uniquely designed for the project. These roadway sections will accommodate transportation needs while also accommodating future pedestrian, bicylcist and vehicular traffic safely and efficiently. These sections have been designed with careful attention to the pedestrian environment and connections to the surrounding community.

Avenue 12 currently is and will continue to be the major east-west transportation corridor through southeast Madera County. In order to respond to traffic cocnerns along Avenue 12 and the County's ongoing planning efforts, the project includes Circulation Plan alternatives. The primary difference between the alternatives is that one includes the potential Avenue 12 bypass and the other does not. Every effort has been made to maintain consistency in the internal circulation in both Alternatives.

circulationThe project's main internal circulation will be provided by the Boulevard. The Boulevard is designed to route vehicular and non-vehicular traffic off of the major regional routes (i.e. Avenue 12 and the proposed Avenue 12 bypass) and through the Liberty Groves neighborhoods. The Boulevard is designed as one of the more scenic, enhanced streets through the project area with special treatments including an expansive landscaped median and wide sidewalks.

The project proposes to connect to Avenue 12 east with a Pedestrian Street. This Pedestrian Street is anticipated to provide the primary connection to the Madera Ranchos community. The Pedestrian Street entrance will serve as a "gateway" into the Liberty Groves project and is designed for high volumes of pedestrian traffic. Sidewalks are designed to be wider for ease of pedestiran travel and to accommodate pedestrian amenities. Buildings along this street are encouraged to be oriented toward the street to provide pedestrian interest and an on-street painted bike lane will encourage bicycle travel and help to slow traffic.

The roadway system also includes a connection to the proposed Avenue 12 bypass. As a bypass connection, this route is anticipated to carry greater traffic volumes through the project than the other routes. Major intersections are anticipated along this route at Road 34, Road 34 ½, Road 35, Road 35 ½, and at the intersection with the Boulevard.


Circulation Plan



Circulation Plan (with Bypass)