Public Services & Facilities

The Specific Plan addresses the full range of public services and facilities needed to serve the project. This includes Schools, Community Facilities, Police, and Fire services.


Schools are an important element of the Specific Plan. In addition to providing for the educational neeeds of the community, they serve as vibrant activity centers within neighborhoods by providing opportunities for additional recreational and community activities. The northern section of Liberty Groves is located within the Madera Unified School District (MUSD). The southern portion of Liberty Groves is located within Golden Valley Unified School District (GVUSD). School locations have been given special consideration within the project area to ensure they are predominant features within their neighborhoods. However, the Plan must allow flexibility in the location of schools so that the Plan can accommodate changes in school needs. Schools have been conceptually located based on the following guidelines:

  • Locate schools centrally within residential neighborhoods and adjacent to connector roads to provide enhanced safety and ensure easy accessibility.
  • Locate schools adjacent to trails and a short distance from residential neighborhoods to encourage walking.
  • Locate schools adjacent to parks to provide opportunities for the joint use of these facilities.

The final sizes, number and the location of schools will be deterimed through consultations with the school districts.


School Locations Plan



Other Public Places

In addition to parks and open space, other public places include traditional facilities such as community centers and libraries. These "other public places" are areas where people can engage in recreational activities, interact with others, learn, and participate in community events. The Liberty Groves plan accommodates the potential for a future Community Center building and associated facilities (i.e. library, fire station, police sub-station, etc.). The Community Center has been centrally located in the southern portion of Liberty Groves at the corner of Avenue 12 and Road 35. The Community Center is located within a park and at a location that maximizes visibility and accessibility. The location is conceptual to ensure flexibility to meet the future needs of the community and to ensure consistency with the County's future public facility planning.

Community Center Concept





Fire Safety and Public Safety

Madera County Fire Department, through contract with the California Department of Forestry (CDF) provides fire protection services in unincorporated areas of Madera County. The Developer will be asked to enter into contract with Madera County Fire Department and/or CDF directly to provide fire protection services within the project area. The agreement shall provide that existing fire protection services to other areas of responsibility are not adversely affected by the project.

Law enforcement in the unincorporated areas of Madera County is provided by the Madera County Sheriff's Department. The Project Plan conceptually locates a County Fire Station and Sheriff's Substation within the Community Center. Financing for construction of these facilities will utlimately come from County Development Impact fees or Community Facilities fees. However, the developer may be asked to construct the facilities with private funds, prior to being reimbursed as County funds become available.