Regional Planning


As the City of Fresno reaches buildout, southeast Madera County will continue to experience northward development trends by way of Highway 41 and Highway 99. Southeast Madera County will also continue to experience development pressures from a growing City of Madera, particularly on an eastward trend from Highway 99 and along Avenue 12. A recent article in the Business Journal supports the development trend toward Southeast Madera County by identifying areas near Avenue 12 and Highway 41 as a top ten hot spot for housing development.

Avenue 12 currently is and will continue to be the major east-west transportation corridor through southeast Madera County. The County anticipates Road 36 to serve as a major north-south transportation route that will eventually provide a connection to the City of Fresno on the south and Highway 145 on the north.

At the center of these major transportation routes is the Madera Ranchos community, the heart of southeast Madera County. Liberty Groves is proposed as a logical expansion of the Madera Ranchos community and is also located at the center of these transportation links.

On January 11, 2011 the Board of Supervisors voted to accept the Madera Ranchos Avenue 12 Enhancement Plan which explores options for streetscape, urban design and commercial enhancement opportunities along Avenue 12 between Road 36 and Road 38. The Plan provides a summary of ideas and outcomes from the community meetings and recommendations for the future of Avenue 12 through the Madera Ranchos.

The County has also initiated an exploration project to address traffic concerns along the entire Avenue 12 route. They have made several presentations to the public at workshops and are exploring options for a bypass that would carry through traffic around the heart of the Madera Ranchos community and traverse the Liberty Groves property. The results of the community workshops have appeared to support the concept of a bypass. 

Although it is preliminary, the County's efforts to enhance Avenue 12 through the Madera Ranchos and the Avenue 12 bypass option that was presented at the workshops have been considered in the planning for Liberty Groves.

Regional Growth Trends