The project sets forth a master plan for infrastructure improvements to support the proposed development. It describes each major infrastructure system and the design parameters required to a level of detail sufficient to evaluate the project entitlement. The Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) defines and coordinates all public infrastructure and its construction, financing and operation, public services, and governance for the entire 1,320-acre Liberty Groves project area. The following sections provide a brief discussion of the project's key infrastructure components.

Water Supply

The water supply for the Project will be designed to provide a reliable and adequate volume of healthful, potable water, meeting all applicable regulations, for use by residential and commercial customers within the Project. This will be done while achieving Madera County's goal of sustainable development without adverse impact to the surrounding groundwater aquifer.

The project will incorporate a number of water-conserving features and policies. Municipal water for the project (residential and commercial) will be metered, with a tiered rate system in place to discourage excessive consumption. Water-conserving plumbing fixtures and conjunctive reuse of recylced water a principles central to the project design standards. The project will also incorporate direct recharge of groundwater to the extent practicable given the soil profiles underlying project lands.


Project wastewater will be collected and treated within the project boundaries. Wastewater treatment facilities will be constructed in multiple phases, as the development is built out. The Wastewater Treatment Plant site will be large enough to accommodate facilities to treat no only the Liberty Groves wastewater stream, but the Madera Ranchos community as well, should the need ever arise. The goal for effluent disposal within the Project is to maximize conjunctive use of recycled water to reduce use of potable water wherever technically and economically practical. This approach will have the multi-pronged benefit of conserving groundwater, reducing irrigation costs for open spaces and parks, and providing neighboring landowners with an additional source of agricultural irrigation water.

Grading and Storm Drainage

What_is_LIDGrading for the project shall be in accordance with the Madera County Grading Ordinance, the current building code, and the recommendations provided in the IMP and its appendices. The design of storm drainage systems and grading shall not impact adjacent properties by allowing storm water to flow onto adjacent properties at a rate greater than predevelopment conditions. The storm drainage system will be designed to maintain natural drainage patterns and development will use a combination of Low Impact Development (LID) principles and a more traditional curb, gutter, and pipe approach to managing stormwater volumes and water quality.